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How Do I...?

1) How do I purchase the software once and avoid recurring fees?

> Each software purchase price is a one-time fee for every customer.
A new form is considered a new software due to the considerable time & effort involved in development (e.g. (08/05) to (02/12) HCFA-1500)
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2) How do I upgrade and add users?

> You may upgrade at any time by contacting us.
Please view the upgrade pricing here. Then, Contact Us!

3) How do I buy claim forms?

> Unfortunately, we do not sell paper claim forms.
Generally, they can be purchased from office supply stores or online.
Here are some suggestions:
>>   >>   >>

4) How do I sign up for the 30 day, money-back guarantee?

> Every customer is automatically enrolled in our 30 day, money-back guarantee.
If the software is not satisfactory, you may return it within 30 days of the original purchase.
You may also upgrade your software at-cost during this period.
Upgrades are inelligible for this promotion.

5) How do I retrieve lost registration information?

> Using Live Chat or E-mail, provide the following information to a Support Agent:
Provide all the information you can regarding the original order such as Order Number, First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Address, Email Address, and Date of Purchase. We will reply in less than 24 hours with the necessary information you need to download and register the software. Print a copy of this information for future reference, and store it in a secure location. UB-04 Software, Inc. allows for one free code retrieval per order. Subsequent replacement registration information can be obtained for a fee. If you have your registration information and just need the program, please click here and choose the appropriate software.

6) See #5.

7) I already have your software. How do I download the newest version?

Go into the software, click Help menu, and scroll down to Check For New Version. If this is unsuccuessful, please click here to go to the Download Free Trial Website. Choose the appropriate software.

8) Can I make a template to avoid re-typing common fields like provider address and federal tax number on every form?

The software will automatically do this but only for address and tax ID fields. If you need a broader template, type all of the necessary data into a blank form. Save it to your Desktop (or any location) as Template. Now, when you want to begin a new form, double-click (or Open) Template.
Documentation for the new 02/12 HCFA-1500 will be available shortly.

9) How do I backup my claims?

By default, the claim files are stored in the My Documents folder under [Form Name] Claims. Simply copy the claim folder onto a portable media (e.g. flash drive, CD-R) for backup. To change the default location, simply save a claim in a different location; it will then be the new "default."

10) I need to move the software to a different computer, how is this done?

You must first uninstall the software on the original computer to preserve the user license. If the computer has crashed permanently, the hard drive has been wiped clean, or is in an otherwise irreparable state, you do not need to uninstall. On the new computer, go here and download the appropriate software. Enter your registration information (see #2 if you no longer have access to this information) when prompted. If you need to retrieve claims from the old computer, follow the instructions in #4.

11) I am having difficuly printing or the alignment is off even after using the "Printer Alignment" feature, what should I do?

Approximately 98% of printing issues are solved by downloading the latest drivers for your printer.
To do this, go to a search engine and enter the brand of your printer. The most common manufacturers are Hewlett Packard (, Lexmark (, and Brother ( Search for your drivers according to the model number on the printer and install the appropriate drivers. For driver help, contact your printer manufacturer. Additionally, the Advanced Alignment feature has been added to allow users to make specific changes on a box-by-box basis.

12) What is EDI (Electronic Billing)?

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange and is a method of transferring data electronically. In this case, our EDI enabled software allows the user to transmit paperless claims through a clearinghouse for electronic billing. All of our software utilizes a "Print Image" EDI format, which is a conversion of the form's data to a universal computer language. For more information on clearinghouses, whether you want ones that are specifically compatible with our software or more generalized information, please contact us directly. eClaims Services!

13) How do I bill electronically?

Obtain any of our eDirect (EDI Clearinghouse) editions that outputs in a Print Image format. Go to File > EDI File Creator and queue all of the claims you wish to send. Finally, click Create to make a single file that must be sent to a clearinghouse. Documentation for the new 02/12 HCFA-1500 will be available shortly. eClaims Services!

14) How can I contact a representative at

We offer Live Chat found in the top-right of our website, as well as telephone and e-mail support. All contact information, including hours of operation, can be found on our Contact Us webpage.